2021 New Classes coming in June!

Sign up for classes and seminars via email, cspsychic@gmail.com or by phone 612-910-2417. More information on the “Classes” page.

I will be offering small group classes starting in June. These classes will be limited to four people per class.

Explore your intuition

Tuesday’s June 1, 8, 15, 6:30pm to 7:30pm. In this class we will explore how intuition comes to us. How to grow your intuition and what to do with your new found skills!

Dream interpretation

Saturday’s June 5, 12, 19, 10:00am to 11:00am. In this class we discover what our dreams are trying to tell us. How to better remember our dreams and discuss lucid dreaming.

Look for fresh seminars throughout 2021. Ghost story updates and more!

I will be offering seminars for small groups starting in July. These seminars will be limited to 6 people.

New for 2021 A full hour of questions and answers on Everything Intuition is coming Saturday July 24 12:00pm. In this seminar we will dive deep into how intuition can and can not help you along your life’s path. What you can expect and the funny side to intuition.

New for 2021 Ghost and Medium seminar coming Friday September 17 at 7:00pm. In this hour long discussion we look at the different ways we interact with the afterlife. Everything from “where does Fluffy go when she dies” to “Why are some people ghost and others not?” Bring your questions and curiosity!

Covid-19 Stay safe. Stay home.

Hello to everyone and thank you to all that have reached out at this challenging time. Per government, CDC and WHO guidelines I am utilizing social distancing and not offering in person readings at this time.

As always, you can schedule a phone, Skype or FaceTime reading any day of the week, Sunday to Saturday from 10:00am to 8:00pm central standard time. You can schedule these readings via email, cspsychic@gmail.com. By phone or text at 612-910-2417.

While I don’t in any way believe that this experience is the coming apocalypse, I do believe we all need to take this seriously. Let’s all heed the experts advice. Stay safe. Stay home. Act responsibly and with kindness. 

I will be interacting via my website more over the next few weeks. Check back often to see what I come up with!

New Seminars August and September

I am offering a series of seminar dates throughout August and September. Each seminar is a stand alone event, you are welcome to join all dates or pick and choose which dates work for you.

August we will be working on everything intuition. September is all about dream interpretation and mediumship.

Do you ever feel that little twinge of recognition? Something you just can’t put your finger on, yet you know is true? Are you well aware of your intuition but have no idea what to do with it?

Theses seminars are designed to explore the tools and techniques to enhance your intuition. Show you what you can do with this talent, and how to incorporate intuition into your everyday life.

Seminars will combine lecture with practical experience to explore your intuitive talents. We will work on grounding techniques, energy and focusing tools and real time readings. I will also share stories from my years of working as an intuitive medium.

Intuition 101, beginners, and returning participants welcome!

Intuition 2.0, returning participants, as well as experienced readers welcome!

Seminar dates are;

Intuition 101 Sat. August 10th 10:00am to 12:00pm.

Intuition 2.0 Wed. August 14th 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

Intuition 101 Sat. August 24th 10:00am to 12:00pm.

Intuition 2.0 Wed. August 28th 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

The cost for each seminar is $35.00.

Requirements: Bring a note book pen or pencil, an open mind and adventurous soul!

Seminars will be held at the Center for Performing arts 3754 Pleasant Ave. S. room 102 Minneapolis, MN 55409

September Dream interpretation, Mediumship Dates coming soon!

To register call 612-910-2417 or email cspsychic@gmail.com

Change your patterns and find the love you want!

Our topic today how to change your romantic defaults and find a mate you’re really looking for!

“Romantic defaults” are subconscious behaviors we all carry. Some of these defaults lead us to positive and healthy relationship patterns. Being a good listener may make you an attentive partner. Being an independent person may allow your partner the freedom they need to grow.

Unfortunately there are times when our subconscious behaviors get in the way. Instead of leading us to healthy productive relationships, we get stuck in familiar emotional patterns that keep us from having the relationships we really want.

Do you find yourself in a cycle of failed relationships? Do you manage to find the only problem drinker in the room? Or you thought they were the strong independent type, turns out they’re controlling and self-centered?

You may be subconsciously choosing these relationships because they are familiar, or represent patterns you’ve experienced in your family of origin or early dating life.

Part of learning to change your romantic default is to own your part of the relationships.

You picked them. The good news is you have everything you need to fix this issue.

Have a tool I call “Build your better partner”, I refuse to use the word perfect, it leads to unrealistic expectations!

The key to knowing what you really want in a mate is to write it down!

Take a piece of paper. A journal. Write on a napkin. Or even the bathroom wall. Just get your 30 must have attributes in writing. Yes 30 attributes may seem daunting but take your time. Once you get rolling you may find you have more than 30.

Really flesh out these attributes.  Instead of saying I want someone kind, ask yourself what kindness looks like. Does someone need to open doors for you? Volunteer? Or simply be an attentive listener?

Once we’ve come to the end of our list of attributes we move onto the second important part of this exercise.

The dealbreaker list. This list consists of behaviors you don’t want in a mate. Can’t stand a gum chewer? Fussy, tidy types need not apply? Whatever bad habits you simply can not handle, add to the list.

I have one special request for this list. With this list I have a nonnegotiable rule. For me, the top four of every dealbreaker list should be,

1. No one with any active addictions

2. No one super controlling

3. No one with any unchecked mental health issues

4. And last but definitely not least, no commitment-phobes.

Why do I have these nonnegotiable rules? Because these negative traits are often so overwhelming they control every aspect of a relationship and are not easily rectified.

A little more about number 4. You might ask, What does a commitment phobe look like? And why should I avoid them?

A commitment phobe is someone who jumps into the deep end of a relationship right away. They want monogamy. They want all your attention, they want you to love, love, love them and they want to love, love, love you back. Unfortunately they also can’t handle someone having an expectation of them or their behaviors. I believe this is the most dangerous of the top four deal breakers. Commitment phobes can never really let anyone go, but they also never really commit. You end up in a painful tug-of-war where no one is ever satisfied.

Now the real trick to this tool is memorization! Read your lists everyday until you know what number four, ten or twenty four is on your list of attributes at any given moment.

The reason for memorization is that once you have it down to memory, your subconscious mind will start to take over. You may begin to see why you have such a close friendship with your introverted but quirky friend.

You may notice that your sisters kindness is the same expression of kindness you want in your mate.

You may realize the person who takes your order at the coffee shop really listens when she asks you how your day is going.

By no longer defaulting to your familiar negative patterns you will engaging your subconscious mind in an active way to help you find someone suitable for you.

I have a part two of this concept as well. In part two we use the same techniques to look at who you are in a relationship and what patterns and behaviors you continually bringing to the party that may or may not be best for you and your mate!

We will also explore my “5 in 5” the five questions you want to ask yourself as well as anyone you date. But that’s for another day!

Want to hear more about this topic? Go to http://www.Fitz-Radio.com and check out my radio segments with Laurie Fitz of “Connections” Radio and download our podcasts.

Something a little different

It’s come to my attention that it’s time for a career change…. don’t worry I’m not giving up my day job. I will still offer in person, phone, Skype, and large and small group readings, but now I will be branching out.

For years people have commented on how helpful they find my strategic readings and practical advice.

I will be adding an advice column feature to my website.

What this means to you. Once a month I will be answering selected questions online.

Look for further instructions on how to possibly get your question answered here in the near future.

I welcome your comments and suggestions on what you would like to see!

Thank you!



Healers the podcast.

Something new for you! My good friend and blogging queen, Elizabeth Dehn has a new podcast. Check out Healers the podcast at Beautybets.com. In this podcast Elizabeth brings together some of the people who have helped her throughout the years to understand herself, learn to better grapple with her personal peccadilloes, as well as deal with her more challenging life issues.

Elizabeth has an eclectic and interesting group of healers, I happen to be one of them. You can hear our conversation by subscribing to Healers the podcast at Beautybets.com.

I’ll be listening!


Thinking of expanding your horizons? How about taking a class on intuition?

Christine will be offering a set of two hour seminars on exploring your intuition Saturday November 12 and Saturday November 19 from 12:00pm to 2:00pm. Call or email to book your spot.

612-910-2417 cspsychic@gmail.com

This seminar will explain the different ways in which people experience intuition. Ways for you to expand and explore your intuition, and finally what you may or may not want to do once you’ve learned what you can do with your intuition!

Cost is $50.00 per person for both sessions.

Checkout my “Classes” page to see all my up coming classes and what’s new for January 2017!

The wonderful people at the “Kitchen in the Market” are having another Psychic Supper class January 12. Be sure to sign up early because this class fills up fast.