Feb 24, 2011 | A.H.
I found Christine to be welcoming, warm and not at all intimidating. She is intuitive, and her advice very practical. I felt completely at ease in a dialog with her, and she was open to having my friend come in and share her insights as well. I will be back.

March 28, 2014 | Naomi
Christine is an amazing talent. I have worked with her for over six years and in every situation she has provided profound insight. Working with her is similar to going to a therapist, except you don’t have to spend years trying to explain yourself to understand the situation, she can get to the heart of the matter and dissect the situation. For example, if you’re in a relationship that does not feel right she can understand what is happening between both individuals. Or if you’re planning a business she can help strategize on a plan and/or whether to engage in a business relationship.

I have also worked with her on past life regressions, which is a unique experience for someone who has not done this kind of work before. I started to understand reasons why I conduct my life in the way I do now. She helped guide me to a deep insight of personal motivation and the reasons I make certain decisions over others.

Christine has a fine-tuned intuitive ability to deeply understand situations that can help in such varied ways.

4 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. I have had four appointments with Christine and I am always left with something profound. It isn’t always what I was hoping to hear, but it is clearly what I needed to hear. She has connected with my loved ones who have passed and given me insight into my life. She is amazing!

  2. Last time I went with a friend. The friend asked about her father who has passed. Christine said “he is doing magic tricks for me, did he like magic?” Friend: “No.” Christine: “Well, here’s what he is doing. He is holding up his hand and passing the other hand over it and two fingers are disappearing.” Friend: “He lost two of his fingers at his work.” Cue the chills. Um, I think her connection with my friend’s father was proved at that very moment. Is Christine gifted? Yes. Is she for real? Yes. ‘Nuff said. LOVE HER!

  3. Myself, my sister and my mother had an opportunity to have a group reading with Christine. She was amazing and knew things that astounded us. Not only was she able to connect with friends and family that passed but she was able to identify things going on in our current lives. I highly recomed seeing her, I will definitely be back.

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